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. of the fact that the rate of current return on land and other natural opportunities . is return to land and other natural opportunities and about two-thirds is return .


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With Ward's estimated return to land on the Ohio farm of $315 per acre, we are able to calculate the . desired rate of return on land investment. Table 1. Current .

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Return to land value (L/Mz). 4,133.10. 2,369.15 . lower value (about 50%). The return on land value is therefore a more relevant measure than the return .

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percentage return on land was determined and deducted to arrive at return to land and taxes only. The return to land and taxes in this case differs from returns to .

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"return on land" "return to land"

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But as economists use the term, rent is the return to land (just as wages are the . an apartment's rent is actually what the economist calls rent, the return on land.


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return to land is therefore zero, and the wage per efficiency unit of labor . while the price of land will follow a path such that the total return on land (rent plus net .

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Return to land and risk had a high return in 1992 with $173.93. 2005 had the largest loss of return on land and risk with a negative $364.14. The average of .

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. that unstable element, at their return on land frequently think in their reveries, . disturbance of it, by a return to land, will be marked by a similar phenomenon; .

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There are a few studies of the rate of return on land, mainly land in the . Flanders I have many more observations on land prices than on the return to land .

Chapter 5: Introducing Land and Land Rents into Price Theory

Hence, property rent is the return on land and capital improvements. Price theory predicts that . In summary, Rent is the return to land. Technically, land is a .

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all the error in the residual return to land. Two, possibly offsetting . to accept a lower rate of return on land than on other assets (Melichar). Because of the fixed .

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return on land and capital due to non-timber objectives. . where SR, is the annual return to land (land rents), L V, is the annual return to labor usage, and .

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t , and the rate of return to land, ?t, producers in period t choose the . ownership, bi t(1??t)Rt+1, and from the return on land ownership, xi?t+1, where xi is the .

Land Use Modeling in Recursively-Dynamic GTAP Framework*

based on the return to land in crop production, relative to the return on land used in ruminant livestock production, the land owner decides on the allocation of .

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the point where the return on land will be equal to the return on capital in other . The residual return to land is greatest on large, efficient farms. The law of one .

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Oct 2, 2012 . Mathematically, the return to land (per acre) can be measured in either of . and hence – through this indirect effect – reduce the return on land.

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Finally, there is the question of how to evaluate the return on land. . return to land compared to other possible investments over a variety of time periods; this .

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instantaneous return to land. Finally, we assume that the return on land is less than the interest rate, so that no arbitrage profits exist. 5. The model's basic .

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The Cost of Capital and Medieval Agricultural Technique

we can compare the return to land ownership in medieval Italy to that in the late 18th century using Arthur Young's figures. These show that the return on land .,%20The%20Cost%20of%20Capital%20and%20Medieval%20Agircultural%20Technique.pdf

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  • Ground Rent Seeking in U.S. Economic History

    The term "rent" originally meant the return on land in classical economics, and . instrumental in putting forth a new meaning of "rent" as a return to land to any .

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    commitment to pay a portion of the return to land under a system of rules . after- tax return on land is $100 per acre, and the return is capitalized at .05, the .

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In addition, the return to land and operator labor would be equal to their . If the landowner expects a management return on land, this would also raise the .

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Mar 12, 2008 . the return to land due to labor migration, and the associated rise in . the return on land ownership, xipt"$, where xi is the quantity of land .